About Foodschnob!

The opinions on this blog are all from a personal perspective – they are my thoughts and impressions of places that I visit and food that I eat. Many people, including some of my friends, will not agree with my points of view – this is fine and I’d encourage anyone to add their perspective in the comments at the end of each post. I’m even happy for establishments to have a right to reply on the comments that are posted. Please keep those comments civilized though – I am pleased to have opinions posted that don’t agree with my own but not to have personal attacks or offensive comments posted.

I am opinionated about food and food establishments. I like to try new places and have high expectations for good service and tasty cuisine. Although I really am a food snob, things don’t always have to be fancy for me to enjoy them; I really like places with good quality to price ratios. There is bound to be a strong bias toward Asian food and comfortable environments.

Although I live in Germany, I am not impressed with experiences that I have had in average restaurants, don’t really enjoy the traditional cuisine, and find many local tastes too conservative. Germans reading this post may well give a derisory snort on hearing that from a British person – rest assured that there are not many traditional British dishes that I enjoy either – they really are not too dissimilar to the traditional German food. However, over the last decade or more, I have seen foodie culture spreading in the UK and have been impressed to see that what was previously limited to an appreciation of good international cuisines now encompasses modern British dishes made from high quality local ingredients. I hope a similar revolution happens in Germany soon.

Happy eating,




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