A calm slice of Esfahan in Heidelberg – don’t miss the aubergine creations!

Environment: A small establish verging on minimalism with not much clutter and white walls.

Service: Calm, helpful, and polite; sometimes a bit slow – even with drinks.

Eats: Pre-starter offering of flatbread with sabzi (fresh herbs), cheese, onion. Delicious starters, including may excellent aubergine variations. For main course, there are of course many variations of grilled meat/kebab and rice or chips – if you are used to eating half a sheep in one seating, the portion size may disappoint. Additionally some Persian favourites such as fesenjan, sheresh polo, ghormeh sabzi, and other stew-style dishes.

Drinks: Doogh (Iranian yoghurt drink) and surprisingly quaffable Spanish red wine as well as beer, soft drinks etc.

Where: Rohrbacherstrasse 21, Weststadt, Heidelberg



It is certainly worth finding this great establishment on the periphery of town.

Environment: A large terrace garden (open according to need), basic beer garden, and restaurant with nice terrace area. The full french menu is only available int he restaurant area as the kitchen capacity is limited.

Service: Very accommodating, friendly, and able to cope with a large group.

Drinks: Franziskaner or Welde beer, wines, limited spirits. Vegan wines are on offer.

Eats:A basic menu of very traditional German foods is on offer in the beer garden. For those wanting more than wurstsalat, the Restaurant serves a mix of carnivorous, vegetarian and vegan dishes with French influences. The Breton Galettes, savory buckwheat pancakes, are really tasty.

Where: ImWeiher / Dossenheimer Landstrasse 125; on the very edge of Handshuhsheim


A little bit of France that is worth exploring in Heidelberg’s industrial zone

Environment: Tucked away with a large outside area, BBQ running in summer, and a spacious interior too. Atmospheric and relaxing for a long summer evening.

Service:Laid back, not overly attentive but friendly and good.

Drinks: Reasonable wines by the bottle or carafe from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Chile &c. Distelhäuser Beer, coffee and hot drinks, and standard French aperitifs are also on offer.

Eats:Simple, good quality food. Prices for main courses vary between just over €10 (pasta dishes, other simple meat/fish course) and close to €25 (could be rack of lamb). Some fish and seafood options In summer, specialties from the grill are available. Vegetarian options are on offer.

Where: nr. Betriebshof, Bergheim


Lino’s, The Lovely Place

Treat yourself to an excellent G&T!

Environment: Initially, I was put of but the coolness of this place. Once I’d tried Lino’s though, I found several reason to go back. Can get really busy with not too much seating. Nice seating in the window.

Service:The manager is very knowledgeable about his drinks, in particular the gins! Other bar staff are friendly and helpful but not quite as familiar with giniculture.

Drinks: Cocktails are good but the gins are the highlight – some excellent combinations of local and international specialty gins and a selection of tonics. Naturally little hard on the bank balance!

Eats: Some simple snacks are available, e.g., baked feta.

Where: Bergheimer Strasse 21, 69115 Heidelberg

Bar d’Aix en Provence

From breakfast to late nights this bar is a low-key friendly local.

Environment:Down to earth bar, with some seating outside. Very relaxed.

Service:Friendly and happy to help.

Drinks:Cocktails, wine, beer, other classics.

Eats: Cheese and meat platters that feel slightly depleted by Sunday evening. Some toasts and sandwiches, game pate. Breakfasts served too.

Where: Bergstrasse 1, Neuenheim

Coffee Nerd

Coffee preparation is science and art form in this excellent coffee house.

Environment: With a number of different rooms, places out front, and a small yard, there are a variety of seating options. Good for working, with free WIFI and power.

Service: Friendly and fastidious, they do take their time!

Drinks: Ice coffee, ice chocolate, two types of coffee beans and several specialty drinks, all made to a high standard.

Eats: Great breads with simple fillings, but they do run out. Tasty simple cakes, croissants, and the like. Squid ink, cranberry baguette is tasty.

Where: Near Adenauerplatz, Bergheim


The Heidelberg Long List

This is a list of many of the Heidelberg offerings, *some of which I have visited, others not. Thanks to the superb Espresso magazine  for filling in some of the gaps! If you notice missing places, feel free to comment and point out missing locales.

Ai Portici:

*Alte Hendesse:

*Alte Gundtei:

Alte Kohlhof:






*Bar Centrale:

*Bar d’Aix en Provence

Beans of Joy:

*Bent Bar:

*Bergheim 41:

*Bier Brezel:


Billy Blues (Ziegler):

Bodega Don Jamon:

*Brauhaus Vetter:

Café Bar Grano:

Café Burkhardt:

*Café Gundel:

*Café Moro:

*Café Rossi:

*Café Schafheutle:

*Café Tiefberg:

Carl Theodor:

*Casa del Caffe:

*Cavallino Bianco:

Cesarino Enoteca-Ristorante:

Chocolate company:

Chocolaterie St. Anna No. 1:

*Chocolaterie Yilly:

*Coffee Nerd

*Da Vinci:


*Das Boothaus:

Das Lamm:

Das Lammchen:

Dean and David:

Die Linde:

*Don Robert:


*Emma’s café bar:


Fair und Quer Naturkost:


*Floiran Steiner:


*Frollein Bent:


*Good Morning Saigon:

*Goldener Anker:

*Goldener Falke:

Goldener Hechte:




Hakims Imbiss:

Heidelberger Suites‘ Patria:

*Heidelberger Schnitzelhaus (Alte Munz):




*Hot Pot House:

Hugo Wine & Dine:

*Indian Palace:

*Joe Molese:

*Kaede Sushi Bar:

Kaffeezimmer (Bahnhofstrasse):



*Klosterhof Neuburg:






*La Boheme:

La Couscousserie

*La Fee:

*La Locanda 26:

Le Coq:

Le Gourmet:


*Lino’s, The Lovely place




Masala Dosa:

Max Bar:






*Moro Caffe und The:


Mr. Zhao:




*Palmbrau Gasse:





Piccolo Mondo:


Pleikartsförster Hof:

Pop Restaurant:

*Print Media Lounge:


*Red – die Grüner Küche:



Rich n Greens:

*Ristorante Mercato:

Ristorante Goldene Rose:

*River Cafe:





*Saigon Sonne:

Sakura Nudelbar:

*Sakura Restaurant:

Salerno il Calabrese:

Salerno in Roten Ochsen:


*Saron Soulfood:


Shariffs Schlossweinstube:






Schutzenhaus Handschuhsheim:

Schwarzer Peter:



*Shanghai China Restaurant:




Star coffee:

*Sunset Nectar:

Taj Mahal:


Taverna Knossos:



*Tiger and Dragon’s Food Corner:

*Trattoria Toscana:


*Urban Kitchen:

Vinci Due:


Weisser Bock:

Wirthaus zum Seppl:

Wirtshaus zum Nepomuk:



Zimmer Küche Bar:

*Zum Achter:

Zum Güldenen Schaf:

Zum Ritter:

Zum Roten Ochsen:

Zum Spriesel:

Zum weissen schwan:

Zur Herrenmühle: